1. What is Harmeny Athletic Club?

The Harmeny Athletic Club was originally designed as a support group for students who are not able to join the league and national athletics competitions. The club trained these students in order to develop their potential to excel in athletics.

Currently, it is a stand-alone club composed of coaches and coordinators from various schools and organizations whose goal is to widen the reach and popularity of athletics in the country, train students to their maximum capabilities, and promote competitions for public and private participation.

  1. What services does Harmeny Athletic Club offer?

This club provides a place equal opportunities for students and adults to participate in competitions hosted and managed in-house. You can sign up for tournaments scheduled throughout the year.

We are also a club that provides training and coaching to aspiring athletes who want to hone their skills and learn the safe and effective ways of edging the competition. We have trainers and mentors who will teach registered students based on our specially designed program catering to different age groups and ranges.

  1. Where can I sign up for a competition?

We encourage everyone to go to our office to personally sign up so that you can be fully evaluated and assessed for health and safety reasons. But you can also sign up online by scrolling to our events and registering through the form provided.

  1. Do you give discounts, offers & coupons for students?

Our priority as a club is to build knowledge and develop the abilities of youths who are interested in the sport. We do give special discounts for students. We also offer voucher codes if you sign up online.

  1. Who are the teachers and coaches who will train students in the club?

We have a team of coaches and mentors who have years of experience in various national and international competitions. They are all highly motivated to share their knowledge with students who are willing to sweat it out and reach their potential as an athlete.

  1. What races do you conduct?

We host different tournaments and competitions for those who sign up. We maximize our standard-size tracks and other facilities by scheduling monthly competitions and races. We also traditionally support events outside our vicinity like handicap races, Grand Prix races, and even fun runs.