How to Run Faster

Do you aspire to be a Mo Farah or a Usain Bolt in a few years? Do you want to have the same talents that they have? If I could only shop online and buy their skills, I would! But I know that they only reached the peak of success because of hard work, constant practice, and consistent running development.

How can you run faster and be one of the greats in the future?


Proper running form

Running like a kid does have its perks. It is fast and fun. But professional and Olympic runners train themselves to have a proper form every time they perform. This will not only make you faster but it can also prevent accidents and injuries.

Keep your upper body relaxed. Make it as comfortable as possible and not feel restricted. Your arms must be swinging back-and-forth at a low 90-degree angle. Your legs must be moving forward.

As for your foot, you have to first understand how you land your foot on the ground. You can be an overpronator, neutral pronator, or a supinator. Specific types of runners require specialized styles of running shoes. Get coupon codes on products and online shops voucher codes for popular brands of these kinds of shoes.



Stride Turnover

Another thing that you need to measure is the number of steps that you do in one minute. Every runner can run at different paces but stride turnover improvement can really make you a faster runner.

How can you do this? Start from zero then run for one minute. Count your steps until you reach the one minute mark. Then record it on your phone or a piece of paper. Increasing the number of stride turnover can also positively affect your pace, your distance, and your speed.

You can also get sports watches with apps and widgets that count your stride turnover. Save money on electronics if you shop online.

Do pre-workout stretching and post-workout stretching

Stretching is one of the most underrated parts of an exercise. You should do this before starting any training and after working out. Stretching is good for you because it gives you better flexibility and increased muscle motion.

You can use different kinds of tools for stretching. Foam rollers, risers, dowel rods, and stretch ropes are some of the cheap props that you can use to assist you when you do stretching.