Popular Marathons around the World That You Can Participate In


Joining and competing in marathons can be quite addicting. It may be because of the health results that the sport brings or the discipline that it gives the participants of the races. Whichever your reason is for registering in marathons, you can admit to yourself that you are always seeking a race to join and be part of.

Good thing for you, different marathon competitions are created just for you. Athletes and leisure marathon runners can register to various races all year round.

International Marathon of Marrakech

You can kick-off the year by joining the International Marathon of Marrakech in Morocco. The race is easy for competition standards because the terrain is flat. What is great with this run is that you will be surrounded by olive and orange trees which can soothe your visuals as you sweat it out in the marathon.

If you happen to forget your running gear, you can always look for products online that can be delivered immediately to your hotel or inn. Use online shops voucher codes to get discounts on different running shoes and other apparel.

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

This marathon occurs every February of each year. You can join the full marathon or 42 kilometers, the half marathon or 21 kilometers, and the 10-kilometer run.

If you are going to compete in the full marathon, you might want to check your current time. For men, the current record is held by Dejere Abera, who clocked in at 2:11:27. For women, you have to be faster than 2:30.12, the current record by Misiker Demissie. They are both Ethiopians.

After the event, you might as well go city sightseeing HK. You can visit the Victoria Central Business District, the hub for companies in Hong Kong. For those who want a different type of trip, you can go to the Dragon’s Back Hike, a popular trail in HK.

marathon italy

Maratona di Roma

Instead of walking through the streets of Rome, you can join the marathon and have a feel of the history and culture of Italy through this event. You will pass by the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Circus Maximus, just to name a few landmarks.