What to Expect on Your First Marathon

Congratulations! You have trained long and hard to finally take part in your first marathon. It is exciting and exhilarating. But since it is indeed your first marathon, you still have no idea on what to expect before, during, and after the event.


Before your marathon

This is your first marathon so you are definitely excited about it. You are eager to know how fast you are going to finish the race. Your heart will start pumping and your mind may be thinking about a lot of things at that very moment.

The problem with too much excitement on your body is that it can cause it to go on hyper-drive. Do you know the fight-or-flight effect of adrenaline? If you do not compose yourself, your body may tell your mind to just get out of there. This is the flight effect. Choose the fight effect so that you can use the added energy to complete the race faster.

Be sure to prepare the gear that you need for the marathon. Some of these include running shoes, clothes, cap, shades, and others. To get discounts on all these products, you may want to check out online shops like Lazada and Zalora.


During the marathon

You will find yourself asking questions like, “Did I prepare enough for this?”, “Can I reach the finish line?” or “How far is it until I get my second wind?”

But it is just mind over matter. You have chosen this marathon to participate in because you know that you are ready. You prepared for this event. You monitored your distance and your speed. You even envisioned yourself being in that marathon.

Calm your mind. Do think of negative thoughts. Just focus on your pace and stride. You may be with other runners in the marathon but actually, you are only competing with yourself. You must train your mind to support you instead of going against you. It is all about your will to see your goal being achieved before reaching the end line.

After the marathon

Expect that you will be on an all-time high. You just finished the race and now, you are aiming to be better. You want to finish faster, go for a marathon with a longer distance, or probably join duathlons or triathlons.

Pace yourself. You can all accomplish these in due time. But right now, enjoy the moment. Congratulate yourself on completing the race. All your hard work has paid off. Thank all those who have helped you and for their continuing support.